Applications are now closed for our Spring 2023 cohort

Los Angeles, CA
March 6 - May 26, 2023

Build your product alongside fellow founders and experienced entrepreneurs.

Work with industry experts as you navigate the startup terrain.

Leverage the a16z network to help take your product mainstream.  



What is Crypto Startup School?
CSS is a twelve-week accelerator run by a16z crypto. The program is designed around the specific needs of web3 startups, and will include funding from a16z crypto, mentorship from industry founders, lectures from domain experts, and the opportunity to build alongside a select group of fellow founders who are navigating the startup terrain together. During the program, participants will also have access to the broader a16z network of potential customers, advisors, and investors to help develop and scale their company.


Does the program include funding?
Yes. Our standard terms are that a16z crypto invests $500,000 in participating companies, in exchange for 7% equity and certain other standard rights.


When and where does the program take place?  Can I participate remotely?
The Spring 2023 cohort will take place in Los Angeles, CA from March 6 through May 26, 2023. Sessions will take place in-person on Tuesday and Wednesday of each week. Teams are encouraged to spend the duration of the program in Los Angeles in order to participate in the full range of events, including 1:1 mentoring sessions with founders, weekly meetups, smaller team dinners, etc. At a minimum, all participants must attend the Tuesday/Wednesday sessions in-person.


Who should apply for the program?
Builders who are interested in or currently developing a web3 product. Prior crypto experience is not necessary but applicants should be comfortable learning a web3 programming language (e.g., Solidity), or apply with a technical teammate.


How many companies will be accepted?
The Spring 2023 cohort will be approximately 30 companies. We will also record the educational sessions and make them available online to all when the program concludes.


Are teams required to have a live product or company before applying?
No. Teams may apply with an idea, so long as they are passionate about building it and would commit full-time if accepted. We expect teams will continue to iterate on their idea throughout the program.


Can companies participate if they have already raised funding?
Yes. Companies who have raised seed funding would still benefit from CSS, as most of the program’s value comes from its non-financial components (see “What is Crypto Startup School?” above).


What is the weekly time commitment?
CSS is a full-time commitment over the twelve-week program. We estimate the scheduled programming will run 8-10 hours per week, including Founder Talks, group office hours, lectures, team dinners, etc. Teams will spend the remainder of the time building their product. 


What is the application and review process?
The application period will be open from October 18 through November 30, 2022, and will involve an interview component for those who advance. All decisions will be made by early January 2023.


What happens at the end of the program?
The program will conclude with a Demo Day for participants to showcase their product to investors and the broader web3 ecosystem. Participants will also become part of the CSS alumni network.


Will you provide dedicated space for the teams to work out of in Los Angeles, CA?
We will have a dedicated space for CSS programming, office hours, and a variety of other events, but teams should plan to find their own full-time working space.


Do participants have to be US citizens?
No. However, participants must be legally authorized to attend the program in Los Angeles, CA for the duration of the program.

What is the conflict policy that applies to the program?
CSS is intended to be an exploratory program where teams can iterate on a variety of ideas and business models. Given the experimental nature of the program and the ideas involved, a16z crypto’s typical conflicts policy does not apply. For example, to the extent that a CSS participant decides to build a product or service that overlaps with an existing a16z crypto portfolio company, support for the latter will be prioritized.


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