Participants in our 2020 cohort have gone on to raise over $300M and have founded some of the industry's leading companies, including:

  • Phantom, web3 wallet for safe and easy transactions
  • Flashbots, R&D organization for mitigating MEV
  • Goldfinch, credit protocol for emerging market loans
  • Notional Finance, credit protocol for fixed rate loans
  • Afriex, transfer app for cross-border payments
  • Teller, credit protocol for B2B loans
  • FanCraze, NFT marketplace for cricket fans

Participants have also landed in senior roles at companies including Uniswap, Optimism, Variant, a16z crypto, Polygon, Foundation, Zora, she256 and more.    

Members of the Spring 2023 cohort will join this growing alumni network and have access to a variety of ongoing resources and support.